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Industrial Solvents

Pioneers in the industry, we offer methylene dichloride, n hexane solvent, normal butanol, mix xylene, isopropyl alcohol and acetone solvent from India.
Methylene Dichloride

Methylene Dichloride

Rs 39  / KgGet Best Price
Chemical FormulaCH2Cl2
HS Code29031200
Melting Point-97 Deg C
Boiling Point40 Deg C
Physical FormLiquid
CAS No75-09-2
Purity %>99%
Packaging Details270 Kg Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
SynonymsMethylene dichloride, Dichloromethane
EC No.200-838-9
Physical StateLiquid
Molecular Weight84.93 g/mol
Solubility in water132g/L
Vapor pressure435.01 mmHg
Refractive index1.4244
Viscosity0.437 cP
Flash PointNone
Ignition Temperature605 DegreeC
Freezing Point-95 DegreeC
Surface tension27.8 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.1392 W/mK
HazardsCauses skin irritation, May cause drowsiness or dizziness
PrecautionsWear eye/face protection, Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray
An organic compound, is a colourless volatile liquid with a sweet smell. It is miscible with a variety of solvents. Its volatility makes it useful as a solvent in various chemical processes. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. MDC is the least toxic compound of the simple chlorohydrocarbons and is not flammable. It is even used in the food industry to decaffeinate coffee and tea.


  • Used as a paint stripper and degreaser.

  • Used to manufacture film coatings

  • Used in the pharmaceuticals industry.

  • Used to remove heat-sealed labels in the textile industry.

  • Used to prepare flavourings for food and beverages industry.

  • Used as a post-harvest fumigant for grains and fruits.

  • Used as an aerosol spray propellant.

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N Hexane Solvent

N Hexane Solvent

Rs 61  / KgGet Best Price
Physical StateLiquid
OdourSweet Smell
Boiling Point68 deg C
Chemical FormulaC6H14
Density0.6548 g/ml
Freezing Point94 deg C
Solubility in Water9.5 mg/L
ToxicityModerate to Low
Viscosity0.3 cP
CAS No110-54-3
Packaging Details150 l Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
HS Code29012990
EC No.203-777-6
Molecular Weight86.178 g/mol
Melting Point- 95 deg C
Vapor pressure17.60 kPa
Refractive index1.375
Flash Point-26 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature234 DegreeC
Surface tension18.43 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.124 W/mK
HazardsExtremely flammable liquid and vapor
PrecautionsAvoid heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

Other Details:

  • In industry, N Hexane is used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products and roofing.It is also used to extract cooking oils (such as canola oil or soy oil) from seeds, for cleansing, degreasing a variety of items and in textile manufacturing. Since hexane cannot be easily deprotonated, it is used in the laboratory for reactions that involve very strong bases, such as the preparation of organolithiums.

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Normal Butanol

Normal Butanol

Rs 80  / KilogramGet Best Price
OdourSweet Smell
Freezing Point-89.8 deg C
Solubility in Water73 g/L
IUPAC NameButan-1-ol
Boiling Point117.7 deg C
Viscosity2.573 mPa.s
SynonymsButyl alcohol, Butyl hydrate, Butylic alcohol etc.
Density0.81 g/cm3
Chemical FormulaC4H10O
CAS No71-36-3
Packaging Details165 Kg Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
HS Code29051300
EC No.200-751-6
Physical StateLiquid
Molecular Weight74.12 g/mol
Melting Point-89.8 Deg C
Vapor pressure6 mmHg
Refractive index1.3993
Flash Point35 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature343 DegreeC
HazardsFlammable liquid and vapor
PrecautionsKeep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking

Other Details:

  • N Butanol is an intermediate in the production of butyl acrylate, butyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate, dibutyl sebacate, and other butyl esters, butyl ethers such as ethylene glycol, di and tri-ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, and the corresponding butyl ether acetates.Other industrial uses include the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, polymers, pyroxylin plastics, herbicide esters, printing and butyl xanthate.It is also used as a diluent/reactant in the manufacturing of urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins.

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Mix Xylene

Mix Xylene

Rs 55  / KgGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 180 Kg

Grade StandardReagent Grade
Chemical FormulaC8H10
Flash Point30 deg C
ToxicityModerate to Low
Density0.864 g/ml
Boiling Point138.5 deg C
CAS No1330-20-7
Packaging Details180 Kg Drum
HS Code29024400
EC No.215-535-7
Physical StateLiquid
Molecular Weight106.16 g/mol
Melting Point- 47.4 DegreeC
Solubility in waterPractically insoluble
Vapor pressure7 mm Hg
Refractive index1.497
Viscosity0.812 cP
Surface tension0.254 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.13 W/mK
HazardsHighly flammable liquid and vapour.
PrecautionsWear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection.
Other Details:
  • It often contains a small percentage of ethylbenzene.
  • It is a common component of ink, rubber and adhesives.
  • In thinning paints and varnishes, it can be substituted for toluene where slower drying is desired, and thus is used by conservators of art objects in solubility testing.
  • Similarly, it is a cleaning agent, eg. for steel, silicon wafers, and integrated circuits.
  • In dentistry, xylene can be used to dissolve gutta-percha, a material used for endodontics (root canal treatments).
  • In the petroleum industry, xylene is also a frequent component of paraffin solvents, used when the tubing becomes clogged with paraffin wax.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: Depend on Import
  • Delivery Time: Same Day
  • Packaging Details: Material is Packed in Pvc or MS Barrels.

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Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol

Rs 95  / KgGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 170 Kg

Boiling Point82.6 deg C
Chemical FormulaC3H8O
Density0.786 g/cm3
Freezing Point-89 deg C
IUPAC NamePropan-2-ol
Synonyms2-Propanol, Isopropanol, Dimethyl Carbinol etc.
Viscosity1.96 cP
CAS No67-63-0
Purity %>99%
Packaging Details180 Kg Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
HS Code29051220
EC No.200-661-7
Physical StateLiquid
Odourpungent alcoholic odour
Molecular Weight60.1 g/mol
Melting Point- 89 DegreeC
Solubility in waterMiscible
Vapor pressure100mmHg
Refractive index1.3776
Flash Point13 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature399 DegreeC
Surface tension72.8 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.137 W/mK
HazardsHighly flammable liquid and vapor
PrecautionsKeep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. - No smoking
In order to meet the diverse demands of our esteemed clients, we are passionately involved in offering a comprehensive range of Isopropyl Alcohol.

Other Details:
  • It finds usage in laptop, LCD, glass computer monitor and keyboard cleaning.
  • The array efficiently removes stains from wood, cotton and various fabrics.

  • Precise pH value
  • Safe to use
  • Non-allergic

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Acetone Solvent

Acetone Solvent

Rs 68  / KgGet Best Price
Purity %95%
CAS No67-64-1
Packaging Details170 ltr Drum
Usage/ApplicationMedicine Manufacturing
Grade StandardLR Lab Reagent
Soluble InChloroform, Benzene
HS Code29141100
EC No.200-662-2
Odourpungent and floral (mint-like)
Shelf life2 to 5 years
Molecular Weight58.08 g/mol
Melting Point-94.7 DegreeC
Vapor pressure30.6 kPa (25 DegreeC)
Acidity19.16 pKa (H2O)
Refractive index1.3588
Ignition Temperature465 DegreeC
Surface tension25.2 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.0115 W/m-K
HazardsHighly flammable,causes eye irritation and dizziness
PrecautionsKeep away from sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. Store in ventilated place.
Boiling Point56 deg C
Chemical FormulaC3H6O
Density784 kg/m3
FlammabilityModerate to High
Flash Point-17 deg C
Freezing Point-95 deg C
Solubility in WaterMiscible
SynonymsPropanone,2-Propanone,Dimethyl Ketone,Methyl Ketone etc
Viscosity0.30 Pa.s
Physical StateLiquid

We are offering our esteemed clients high-quality Acetone Solvent.

Other Details:

  • Acetone is miscible with water and serves as an important solvent in its own right, typically for cleaning purposes in the laboratory. Moreover, acetone is produced and disposed of in the human body through normal metabolic processes. It is normally present in blood and urine. People with diabetes produce it in larger amounts. Reproductive toxicity tests show that it has a low potential to cause reproductive problems.

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Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate

Rs 60  / KgGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 190 Kg

Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Physical StateLiquid
OdourSweet Smell
Boiling Point77.1 DegreeC
Acidity as Acetic Acid100 ppm max
UN Number1173
Water500 ppm max
Ester content99.9% min by wt
Ethyl Alcohol Content750 ppm max
Residue on Evaporation20mg/100ml max
CAS No141-78-6
Purity %90-95%
Packaging Details190 L Drum
SynonymsAcetic ester
Chemical FormulaC4H8O2
HS Code29153100
EC No.205-500-4
Molecular Weight88.106 g/mol
Density902 kg/m3
Melting Point- 83.6 DegreeC
Solubility in water8.3 g/100 mL
Vapor pressure73 mmHg
Refractive index1.372
Viscosity0.426 cP
Flash Point- 4 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature410 DegreeC
Surface tension0.47 N/m
Thermal Conductivity0.1445 W/mK
HazardsHazardous in case of ingestion or inhalation
PrecautionsKeep container tightly closed


  • Solvent in Printing inks
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Laminates Flexible Packaging
  • Aluminium Foil Pesticides
  • Flavour in Pharmaceuticals Nitrocellulose
  • Varnishes Synthetic Fruit Essence
  • Perfumes Photographic Films and Plates
  • Adhesives Pharmaceuticals

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Eac
  • Production Capacity: Subject to availability of material in stock
  • Delivery Time: Within 1-2 working days
  • Packaging Details: Material is Packed in Pvc or MS Barrels.

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Toluene Solvent

Toluene Solvent

Rs 45  / KgGet Best Price
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Physical StateLiquid
Chemical FormulaC7H8
SynonymsMethylbenzene, Phenylmethane, Toluol, Anisen
Freezing Point-95 deg C
Solubility in Water0.52 g/L
Density0.87 g/ml
Boiling Point111 deg C
Viscosity0.590 cP
CAS No108-88-3
Purity %>99%
Packaging Details170 L Barrel
HS Code29023000
EC No.203-625-9
OdourSweet Pungent
Molecular Weight92.141 g/mol
Melting Point- 95 DegreeC
Vapor pressure2.8 kPa
Refractive index1.496
Flash Point6 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature530 DegreeC
Surface tension28.52 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.134 W/mK
HazardsHazardous in case of skin contact, eye contact, ingestion or inhalation
PrecautionsWear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection.

Other Details:

Toluene Solvent is an important organic solvent but is also capable of dissolving a number of notable inorganic chemicals such as sulphur, iodine, bromine, phosphorus and other non-polar covalent substances.It is an aromatic hydrocarbon used widely as an industrial feedstock and also as a solvent. This is a common solvent and can easily dissolve in paints, thinners, many chemical reactants, printing ink, adhesives, lacquers, leather tanners and disinfectants.

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Rs 125  / KgGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 190 Kg

Purity %> 99%
CAS No108-94-1
Packaging Details190Kg Drum
Usage/Applicationas a solvent in adhesives, rubber, plastics
Grade StandardAnalytical Grade
SynonymsOxocyclohexane,Cyclohexyl ketone,Ketohexamethylene
Chemical FormulaC6H10O
HS Code29021100
EC No.203-806-2
Physical StateLiquid
Molecular Weight84.162 g/mol
Density0.9478 g/mL
Melting Point6.47 DegreeC
Boiling Point80.74 DegreeC
Solubility in waterImmiscible
Vapor pressure78 mmHg
Refractive index1.426
Viscosity1.02 cP
Flash Point-20 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature245 DegreeC
Surface tension24.95 mN/m
HazardsFlammable liquid and vapor,Harmful if swallowed
PrecautionsStorage areas must be properly checked. Disposal of solvent includes soaking
Cyclohexanone is obtained during the manufacturing of nylon intermediaries like adipic acid or caprolactam. Major companies captively consume cyclohexanone and a very small portion of the demand is from sectors other than nylon. Based on uses, a major share of cyclohexanone is consumed in the production of caprolactam and the remaining in the production of adipic acid. The major applications of cyclohexanone include its use as a solvent in industries such as paints and dyes, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, films, and soaps.

Get best price for Cyclohexanone, CAS No. 108-94-1, C6H10O, of purity >99% in packaging size 190 kg drum

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: Subject to availability of material in stock
  • Delivery Time: Within 1-2 working days
  • Packaging Details: Material is packed in MS or Pvc Drums.

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Ethylene Dichloride

Ethylene Dichloride

Rs 37  / KilogramGet Best Price
Chemical FormulaC2H4Cl2
Density1.25 g/cm3
Boiling Point83.47 Degree C
Country of OriginMade in India
CAS No107-06-02
Purity %98%
Packaging Details250 Kg Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
HS Code29031500
EC No.203-458-1
Physical StateLiquid
OdourChloroform-like odor
Molecular Weight98.95 g/mol
Melting Point-35 DegreeC
Solubility in water0.87 g/100 mL
Vapor pressure60 mm Hg
Refractive index1.445
Viscosity0.84 cP
Flash Point13.0 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature413 DegreeC
Surface tension0.0322 N/m
Thermal Conductivity0.143 W/mK
HazardsHighly flammable liquid and vapor
PrecautionsUse only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
Ethylene dichloride (EDC), is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, mainly used to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM, chloroethene), the major precursor for PVC production. It is a colorless liquid with a chloroform-like odor.

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Rs 52  / KilogramGet Best Price
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
SynonymsBenzol, Cyclohexatriene
Physical StateLiquid
CAS No71-43-2
Purity %99%
Packaging Details180 Kg Barrel
Chemical FormulaC6H6
HS Code27071000
EC No.200-753-7
Molecular Weight78 g/mol
Density0.8765 g/cm3
Melting Point5.53 DegreeC
Boiling Point80.1 DegreeC
Solubility in water1.53 g/L
Vapor pressure60 mm Hg
Refractive index1.5011
Viscosity0.604 cP
Flash Point- 1 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature591 DegreeC
Surface tension28.22 mN/m
PrecautionsAvoid direct contact. Wear chemical protective clothing if necessary
Backed by a team of diligent professionals, we have been able to offer Benzene. Excellent quality chemical substances are used in the formulation of this chemical to leave no scope for impurities. Further, this chemical is offered in different quantities at market leading prices. This chemical is widely demanded by several industries and sectors for different application purposes.

  • Longer shelf life
  • Effectiveness
  • Precise composition
  • Accurate composition
  • Precise pH value
  • Non-toxicity
  • Environment-friendly nature

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